Stockholm has had Dutch Dlm Disease since the end of the 1980’s and since then approximately 300 to 400 trees have been removed annually. Up until 2000 Dutch Elm Disease progressed slowly but in recent years has rapidly spread. In 2009 more infected trees than ever before were removed in the area of Stockholm. On the biggest churchyard (Norra Begravningsplats) alone 40 to 50 trees, over 20 meter tall and several hundred years old, were removed. As a result in 2010 the first round of injections was conducted.

Control programme

The control programme has succeeded where all infected trees are removed, including those that stand on private property. However councils surrounding Stockholm have, for various reasons, shown little interest in being involved in the control programme. Furthermore, there are tree removal bans in place in nature reserves that lie around the city. For these reasons the Stockholm City Council has decided to remove only infected elms that stand on city streets and in city parks.

Picture: city park Stockholm

Other projects