Most likely DutchElm Disease came to the island as a result of tourists bringing fire wood and has been present since 2005. Mostly U. minor is affected. This tree is found throughout the island with an estimated population of at least one million trees, probably the largest wild population of U. Minor in Northern Europe. There are also many other variations of elms on Gotland. , mostly planted in urban locations. Furthermore, many elms exist on private land, the municipal grounds (kommunen) and in the botanical garden in Visby.

Since 2005, when Gotland’s first elm with Dutch Elm Disease was discovered, a programme was initiated by the Lansstyrelsen Gotland. Its aim was to control the spread of Dutch Elm Disease and, if possible, diminish or even stop the disease. All infected trees up until April 2009 were removed to stop further infection.

Lanstyrelsen decided to protect elms by injecting them with DutchTrig® in 2010. At the botanical Garden in Visby several larger elm species were injected.

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