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Dutch elm disease can be prevented!

The opportunity to protect elm trees from Dutch elm disease (DED) without the use of chemicals, based on the tree’s own natural resistance mechanisms is now available. Municipalities, landscape and arborist companies as well as private elm tree owners finally have a proven and affordable tool to actively and effectively prevent Dutch elm disease on their valuable elms using the Dutch Trig® vaccine.

Dutch Trig® can:

  • protect healthy elms from Dutch elm disease;
  • protect a large numbers of elms every year;
  • reduce the costs of protection;
  • reduce the use of chemicals in the urban environment;
  • minimize wounding of elms;

Dutch Trig® is the proven bio-control vaccine for American and European Elms. Registered for use in Europe since 1992. It was extensively tested in the USA in1995 and was fully registered for use in 2005. In Canada, registration of Dutch Trig® with the PMRA was initiated in 2007. Dutch Trig® is now the choice to safeguard trees from Dutch elm disease. The elm bark beetles will no longer be deciding your elms’ fate.