New York

Brooklyn is one of New York’s five boroughs. It covers 251 km / 823491 ft and its population of 2.5 million makes it the most densely populated borough in New York. This is why its green public spaces are so very important.

Prospect Park is a public park covering 2.37 km² / 2.55 ft². It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux after they had completed Central Park in Manhattan. Its landscaping began in 1866, and the park opened to the public a year later even though work on it was still being conducted. These activities were finished in 1873. Elms have always been a feature of the park.

As a result of a successful test involving DutchTrig® injections in the Bronx, Brooklyn authorities decided in 2016 to have their own elms injected. Some of the trees being protected include a number dating back to the landscaping of the park which makes them truly historic.

In 2017 elms will also be injected with DutchTrig® in Manhattan, more specifically in Theodore Roosenvelt Park, Morningside Park, St. Nicholas Park and Ft. Tryon.

The elm protection programme will also be extended in Brooklyn this year by injecting elms in the Eastern Parkway with DutchTrig®. More than 1,100 trees make up this park and many special events, like ‘Welcome back to Brooklyn’, are organized here every year. Different types of trees have been planted here in the past to prevent Dutch Elm Disease from spreading. By injecting the elms now, we can preserve these important and valuable trees to protect the future appearance of the Eastern Parkway.

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